Learning Outcomes (Unit 9)

Learning Outcomes (Unit 9)

After teacher’s feedback and worked more on my report and also created a questionnaire to conduct a primary research on this topic.

My main research objectives were to estimate and evaluate the awareness of the public about chemical dispersants. Also, to find out if people are familiar with the consequences of this oil spillage treatment technique and their opinions about alternative ways of oil spills treatment.



I created a chart to analyse my findings: chart

The bar chart clearly shows that 100% of participants were aware of chemical dispersants, however, only 70% of them knew how dispersants are used. More than 50% of members thought that the given oil treatment technique is effective and 80% of them decided that dispersants have more benefits than drawbacks. Furthermore, 60% of respondents were aware of ecological problems that technique might cause and only 30% agreed that dispersants could prevent them. So I can say that even though 70% of respondents agreed that dispersants are toxic, 90% of them would recommend companies to use this treatment technique when oil spill occurs.

The overall conclusion of my research was that dispersants are beneficial to use to treat oil spill. Nevertheless, dispersants could cause further ecological problems, and therefore, companies have to choose harmless products to avoid these consequences.


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