Learning Outcomes (Unit 4)

During my 4th lecture of APS module, I was introduced to postgraduate writing style, structure of the report and CULC Harvard referencing style. Usually the structure looks like illustrated on the picture below. I will introduce key points of my findings.

Key points of postgraduate writing style:

– Work has to be grounded in and backed up by appropriate and informed opinion and sources, rather than solely by personal opinion and personal experience.

– Be very careful with using anyone else’s ideas, always reference them (even if it was an idea from your classmate)

– Develop critical thinking

– Challenge Ideas

– Follow CULC Reference style guide

Report structure introduced below:


You can find a link to CULC Harvard Reference Style Guide below:


This lecture was very beneficial for me because I know how to structure my report, reference it correctly and expectations of lecturers on postgraduate level.


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